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Our People

Tim Smith


I grew up in Lansing, Minnesota and graduated from Austin High School in 1986. I have been married to my wife Val for twenty-six years, and we have two daughters, Grace and Ada. I am a 1993 graduate of Minnesota Bible College, and subsequently attended Kentucky Christian college for their Masters of Ministry program.


Val and I have always enjoyed country churches, and our eight years at Preston have been a perfect fit. I hold dear the many relationships cultivated through service within the family of God. I enjoy fishing, cooking, and tinkering in my garage. 

Chris Duncan


I was born a military brat then became a preachers kid. Double wammy. I had great parents who found Jesus when I was 4 and they have been serving Him since. I have lived in 6 states, went to 4 schools and have 5 brothers and 1 sister, of which I am the oldest.


I met my wife Amy at NCC and we have 5 daughters. We worked and lived in Wayne, NE for 23 years and helped God work thru CSF at WSC. I currently work as a campus minister at SDSU along with my ministry among youth and families here at Preston Christian Church.

I am passionate about my wife and girls. We love to go on trips, whether for a short weekend or a week or two. We have traveled many places but love camping the most, especially at a quiet spot while just enjoying time together. I'm also very passionate about my KC Royals, Huskers and Jackrabbits. I also love working in my developing wood shop.

Tracy Freesman
Joel Neilson
Mike Gunderson
Wayne Fischer
Wayne Resman

Our Elders
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